Ways to Clear Up Acne

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ways to clear acneIn many cases, one of the major causes of acne is a diet that has high levels of sugar, fat, and sodium. This is the typical American diet, in most cases. The problem with this kind of diet is that it contains a great deal of toxins and additives, which force their way to the skin and can result in acne. There is good news. However: acne is possible to clear up with certain acne remedies that help to clear the skin. There are several ways to clear up acne; depending on the situation, they may be different on a case by case basis. By following these tips and consulting with your doctor, it is possible to cure acne.

One way to help clear up acne is through the use of carrot juice and other vegetable juices. In fact, green juices are extremely beneficial in the process of clearing up acne. If one drinks a great deal of fresh carrot juice mixed with green juices (such as cabbage and kale), the likelihood of acne symptoms lessening is great. Other good sources of green juice are beetroot and turnip tops, as well as parsley, dandelion, and spinach. Drinking these fresh juices is a good idea when you are trying to clear up acne.

Another good idea for diet remedies that will help with acne are eating vegetables with a lot of fiber, and also avoiding wheat in some cases. While fiber is good, wheat can actually increase acne, and so is better avoided for people who suffer from acne. Try to avoid hydrogenated fats when you are looking for ways to dress your vegetables; try olive oil instead, as it is a natural fat.

Avoiding dairy products is fairly important in the process of clearing up acne. Doing a detox is a good way to cleanse leftover toxins from dairy products and processed foods. Basically, vegetables and vegetable juices are a good way to cleanse, as is soup from fresh vegetables. It is safe to say that the cleaner your diet, the cleaner your skin will be.

Natural remedies for acne usually always involve getting rid of processed foods and junk foods from the diet, and introducing good, clean foods like vegetables and vegetable juices. Herbal remedies from dandelion and sarsparilla are among other natural remedies for acne that can be beneficial in some cases. It is wise to allow time to try different remedies, since some might work in your case, but others might be less effective.

One last way to clear up acne, or at least assist in the process of internal remedies for acne, is to apply lemon juice to the affected areas. Then, wash with castile or other pure soaps. You may apply a paste of bentonite or green clays that are mixed with apple cider vinegar, then leave these pastes on for a half an hour. Finally, wash off the paste with water. This is one of the natural remedies for acne that can help with external symptoms that might be painful or uncomfortable – and of course, unsightly. Remember to always talk with your doctor when trying these remedies.

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